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Certain people when purchasing ten rater realise that the keel s deeper than an IOM and their previous experiences with an IOM which allowed launching by walking out to their knees might not work with the Ten Rater.

The same person who attends Association meetings regularly would have heard and RECORDED in the minutes (as is his duty) details of discussion for a launching ramp for Tens at the Nationals.

That is why most purchase a pair of waders for cold windy days like today.

The person decided today he didn't need waders because they were for girls!! So he wore shorts and bare feet, All warmth would come from the performance of his newly puchased Diamond 10R.

As the day wore on his toes and knees got very cold in the chilly Austin Lakes water when launching and he was heard complaining about his knees aching and not being able to feel his toes which were blue !!

They call him " Blue Knees"