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The other Sunday at Champion Lakes two members launched the recovery boat "The Mullet" in classic style.

They launched the boat from its dolly from one of the pontoons. This was very painful to watch. For a short time, it looked like everything was going to be launched, including the two launchee's!

They recovered in time to think that all was well.


A short time later, one of these reprobates looked out over the lake and swore. Now that should have been an automatic penalty in itself, to be taken before the first race! We couldn't enforce this as he had electrical problems and didn't make any start lines. That might have been a clue. He was then seen sprinting down the pontoon to rescue a very low in the water Mullet.

Yes, the bung was floating around in the water inside the boat 

Despite all of his efforts to thwart any photo's being taken, the spy did manage one. Both of the members involved took turns bailing the boat out. Now I don't want to divulge who was involved but I can say that one of the members is a Captain who regularly doesn't sail due to electrical problems, and the other is the protest committee chairman. If you protest, you might be locked in the lakeside container with him and not let out until you drop the protest!

The Spy