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Today was eventful - First Roger decided to adjust the course so he got into the dinghy and put it full ahead - It went BRRRR but the boat went nowhere. It was a puzzle. But he did not know that a motor requires a propellor to push the boat along.

Roger was left like a duck out of water drifting to the other pontoon.

Meanwhile a Kind white night came to his rescue (AKA Captain -----. )

Quick thinking by te white night averted the disater by getting the spare motor and bringing it to stranded Roger at the Jetty.

Happily Roger was able to motor onward in the Mullet for ever and ever after.

Later John decided not to be upsatged and his boat dropped it's keel in the water right next to the jetty after the last race. His boat wass so unhappy it just lay on it's side in the water !!

Later another white knight (Justin) and a Black Night (balck boat Rob) retrieved both the keel and the propellor.

Justin looked so relieve to find the propellor or was it that which made him relieved??

John was happy with his retrieve keel, Roger was happy with the Mullet that actually goes somewhere when the motor is turned on and John with his keel and a promise to get a new longer bolt and Robert with the motor and a promise to get a new retaing pin and Nut with washer.