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The Spy knows ...

They're off.... or so it seems.

The Spy hears that 7 WA sailors at Perth Airport, on their way to the VIC IOM Titles, are holding up the boarding of the plane. Seems our Electronic Guru found out there are some things you cant take on carry on. No probs, he can just put it into his checked luggage bag. That is if he can find the key to unlock it... Apparently a few passengers in the long, waiting line are offering to 'help' out Rob...

Harrington Lake may become The Spy's new haunt, with the amount of goings on down there.

There were only three cars left at the end of the day as everyone made their way home. One skipper was on the phone sorting out work hassles. One was driving off. The other was looking for his car keys! The one driving off stopped and cheerfully offered to lend a hand. Where could the keys be? The offending skipper has a box on the back of his ute that he keeps the boat and sailing gear in. It had just been locked as well. The offender was sure that his car keys were inside.

Where were the keys to the box? On the car key ring of course. Together the two tried using small radio sailing pliers to break into the box. No luck, but the lock and clasp now bear the scars of their efforts. Finally the good Samaritan asked the offending skipper to retrace his steps.

That he did, and the first thing on the list was "I came up the hill and unlocked the car. It's an old car that needs the key inserted to open it. Yes, you guessed it, the keys were in the car door! Now the box needs some cosmetic surgery to make it look smicko again. I can't really reveal the offender, except to say that we could add "Buggered Boat Box" to the front of his nic name 

Ahh the things that The Spy sees! Once again we SHIFT down to Harrington Waters, in time to catch one of the locals preparing to launch his boat. Boat in one hand, transmitter in the other, singing 'off to the sea in ships we go'. What happened next, can only be described as a VARIANT to the usual method. Balanced over the edge of the wall, with great dexterity, he gently launched THE TRANSMITTER into the pond.... And they call me a LUNATIC..

The Spy understands that most the lads at Champion Lakes were standing on the jetty while the racing was on. All except Master Chef Ray who prefers the comfort of his stool. All of a sudden there was a hell of a commotion from the vicinity of the cars. All wondered what the hell BBQ Ray was going on about. Had someone infringed him on the course? Was he having trouble with his boat? Nope, our intrepid Sausage Sizzler was fighting off one of the locals. The Spy things after his intrepid antics he should be called Bee Sting BBQ Banger Ray.

The Spy hears that one well known man about town has found a new ingredient for his hamburgers. Apparently he has taken to leaving his rig box on the BBQ's at Harrington Lake. That was until a kid came past and turned it ON! Suffice to say the rig box is now warped and only closes after protesting strongly. Is the well known man about town now known as BBQ B Rig Banger Ray? The Spy understands the  B rig that was inside has gone to "a better place".