Nov 24, 2019

2019 IOM World Championship - Brazil final three days

Apologies for the missed reporting, but the RSAWA website had a few technical difficulties over the last few days, which I was unable to rectify. However, we are fixed now and good to go.

By now, you will most likely know that Zvonko went back to back, winning the 2019 edition of the Worlds to go with his 2017 title. That is a really consistent performance. Second place went to Zvonko's teammate, Ante Kovasevic. These two were sailing Kantun 2 hulls. Rounding out the podium was our good mate Ian Vickers from NZ, who no doubt will be pleased with the performace of his new V11 design

Going back to Day 4, the morning was light and shifty but building. A fairly typical pattern, consistent with the earlier days of the event. By the close of Day 4, 15 races had been held, and the leader board had not shifted all that much. The forecast for the next day was the topic of converstaion that evening, as there was a storm on the way!

Couple of nice shots of an Aussie procession, with Sean, Rosco and Dougy knuckling it out...

\2019 IOM World Championships\5aussieprocession

\2019 IOM World Championships\5 aussieprocession2

Early on Day 5, the wind had shifted 180 degrees and was light and fluffy.  The change in wind direction required a change in course location. One of the great benefits of this venue is that there are a number of different locations which can be utilised to ensure good course direction. However, the site required had a viewing platform off a barge! The control area all of a sudden was rather confined, and I'm guessing that being tall was a real benefit!.

\2019 IOM World Championships\5barge

But that was not to last long. In the early afternoon, a storm hit, with winds building into the high 20 knots and even into the low 30 knots! C rigs made their debut at the regatta, and from the look of some of the photos, the waves were substantial.

\2019 IOM World Championships\5carnage

 Plenty of comments from many sailors who had never seen conditions like these. Some of the Thai and Singaporean guys hardly ever get to use their B rigs, let alone their C rigs. The action must have been really fast and furious.

\2019 IOM World Championships\5bigwaves

By the midle of the afternoon on Day 5, the storm had built to a point where lightning was fast approaching, so the Race Committee called a halt to proceedings.

\2019 IOM World Championships\5radarphoto

Well, there are a few guys who can't get enough of sailing IOMs, so a solution to this minor problem was quickly found!

\2019 IOM World Championships\5lightning

Which just goes to proove that we are really just big kids! However, after a while, the transmitters were handed over to some of the local yacht club kids who had a ball sailing in their pool!

\2019 IOM World Championships\5 kidsat play

Day 6 - these regattas are certainly a marathon! Arriving at the club, the wind was already up around the 15 knot mark, and the left over from yesterday's storm meant that the sea was pumping. By the time racing got underway, everyone was in C rig, and there was a smile on everyone's face. Porto Alegra had put on the whole wind range for the Worlds - a true test of helmsmanship.

\2019 IOM World Championships\5startaction

 Nearing the top mark, this shot makes you wonder whether there are hulls under some of these rigs!

\2019 IOM World Championships\5hulls optional

By the end of 6 days of racing, the competitors were ready to crown the new (old) World Champion. The presentation photos look like nobody was holding back! Plenty of friendships made, many promises to catch up again next time. Brazil put on a cracker of a regatta.

Congratulations to all the Aussie guys who made the trip. Well sailed to Paul Jones who finished in 6th, Sean Wallis in 12th, Rosco Bennett in 19th, Doug Allen in 22nd, John Cole-Cook in 24th, Edgar Vitte in 51st, John Gower in 57th and Russell Grey in 63rd. Congratulations also to the volunteers who kept the event running as well as the Brazilian Organising Authority for the vision to put on one of the best ever World Championships.

To view a full scoresheet, please click on this link: 2019 IOM World Championship final results

To view some footage of the event, please click on this link: 2019 IOM World Championships Videos

\2019 IOM World Championships\5logo

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